Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

In the dental clinic

In case of a whitening procedure carried out in the dental clinic the teeth are cleaned first. After that the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which is then activated with a laser. The gel is allowed to work for about 15 minutes. After this the gel is cleaned off the teeth and a new layer of gel is applied and allowed to work for about a quarter of an hour again. In total two to three approx 15-minute cycles are done. At the end of the procedure the gel is removed and the teeth rinsed. The final colour of the teeth will be achieved in a few days when the level of moisture recovers. The primary advantage of whitening in the dental clinic is convenience – trays do not have to be worn and mostly the result is visible after the first procedure. 

Trays and gel (at home method)

For this impressions are taken of the patient’s teeth, on the basis of which trays are made in the tooth laboratory. A tray is an individual form made of soft clear plastic, into which the whitening gel (carbamide-peroxide) is put. Then the tray is put on the teeth. The tray with the gel can be worn at night (the gel is active for 8-10 hours) or during several shorter periods during the day. Eating and smoking are not allowed during whitening with a tray. After whitening, the tray and teeth have to be washed. NB! Trays should be used a few times a week so the effect on the teeth would not be very strong.

A break should be taken after a two-three week use. If you wish, the teeth may be whitened again later. In case the tray does not sit well in the mouth, its edge may be pressing on the gums and causing gum irritation. If too much gel is put into the tray and it starts to leak out, the gel may irritate the tongue, throat and when swallowed also the stomach. At the same time it is positive that the patient can dose the amount of the whitening gel themselves. If the patient feels that teeth become sensitive to hot-cold, a few-day to a week-long break can be taken. After whitening it is not recommended to eat for a few hours because the tooth enamel is more susceptible to any kind of pigmenting.


After whitening procedures teeth may be sensitive for a few days. Teeth whitening is not recommended to be done more than 1-2 times a year.