Digital dental treatment

Digital dental treatment

CEREC CAD/CAM technology is the new and fast-developing part of restorative dentistry. Using it immediately allows making high quality full ceramic crowns, restorations and laminates. 


When using this technology the process of restoring the shape of the tooth is faster and significantly more comfortable than the classical process based on the silicone impression. After the successful completion of possible prior treatment procedures and preparing the tooth, the dentist will photograph the tooth in the mouth with a special 3D camera. A virtual 3D model of the teeth will be created in the special CEREC device as a result of the photos. Then the dentist will design a complement to the virtual model in the programme, which will restore the correct shape of the tooth and will fit exactly with the existing (part of the) tooth. The restoration designed in the programme (restoration, crown, laminate) will then be prepared with the help of a precise automatic moulding machine from a mineral ceramic block. After the completion of the work the doctor will fit it with a special glue technology to the existing tooth, by that restoring the correct shape of the tooth.

On the assumption that the possible previous treatment has been completed, restoration of the shape of the tooth with the CEREC CAD/CAM technology is possible to be done in two hours and when planning in advance, in one visit.

Watch the video introduction of the digital dental procedures for more detail (4 min, 59 sec):